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Become a Student of Mine

I teach photography to students that wish to significantly accelerate their abilities in Photography. I’m currently doing this via methods:

Challenge Accepted

I’m currently putting together a new coordinated group challenge for a limited number of interested photographers. If you want to push your skillsets to the next level, this program is likely for you. Check out the details on my “Challenge Accepted” Courses site.

Private Tutoring

I also teach students privately, either online via online video conferences using shared screens, or locally if you’re within the Davis, CA area. I offer two different approaches to this learning path:

  • Repeated $175 USD/month: We’ll keep in touch through your learning journey and hold up to a 2 hour video conference monthly where I will give you guidance and instruction about what you personally need to learn, be it in the field or in post processing. For residents near me, we can meet in the field and/or in a classroom where I can teach you face-to-face as well. Travel by you will be required if you want to meet face-to-face, but internet conferences can be held from anywhere as long as you have a good internet connection. Either way, we’ll spend time diving into depth about 5-10 of your images during each of our conversations. I’ll give you tips and guidance about your images and how to improve them and future challenges you should take to help improve your skills. All of this will be tailored to your specific needs.
  • Single Time $300 USD/month session and portfolio review: In up to a 3 hour session we’ll dive deep into up to 15 of your works, and discuss them at length in a detailed discussion about your work and how you might consider improving them and future images.

Please contact me today if you are interested in any of these options. Want to know more about my teaching style, and the goals and ways in which I like to help you learn now just how to shoot and process, but why things work the way they do? Watch some of my training videos to see if my style of teaching resonates with your desire to learn. Additionally, watch my meet-the-master video below which talks about my background in educating and photography: []{#meetwes}

Join me in The Arcanum when it comes back

Previously I taught photography in the purely awesome, purely magical Arcanum. I hope it makes a valiant return someday, as the methodology was fantastic but at this time I have no active groups within it. Contact me if you wish to be notified when I restart there. (I have a Sphere 3 already fully planned and ready to go).

What are you interested in?

To see more information about what types of stories I send, please see my web page devoted to my newsletter