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Improve Your Photography

My Goals For Your Photography

When I teach any photography to you, I don’t want you to walk away with just “how “to do something. I want you to walk away with understanding of why and how something works. Only through understanding can you apply your techniques in future directions and explore new concepts beyond those that you learn from me. My videos, newsletter tips, teaching in the arcanum and workshops are all focused around this concept: fundamental understanding promotes growth. I want you to learn a concept that you can apply in many directions, not just one way of doing something that you memorize but don’t truly understand.

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Learn from my online videos

I’m rolling out a number of online videos that will help teach you concepts about photography. Some of these will be available on youtube, and others available for a downloadable purchase. All of them will teach understanding, as mentioned above.

Online Videos to Watch

Downloadable videos

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Join a “Challenge Accepted” group course

I’m run a series of deep dives into photography topics that will push your knowledge to new levels through a series of carefully designed experiments and group collaboration. Check out the details on my “Challenge Accepted” Courses page.


See my list of upcoming workshops if you’re interested in attending a photography workshop or travel expedition.

Become a student

Please see my Become a Student of Mine webpage, which describes both how to become a student of mine in The Arcanum as well as how to sign up for private, one-on-one education in person or over the internet.

Get it right in the field first

My best images always start by taking the time needed in the field to get the shot right. Regardless of the gear you’re using, make sure you know it inside and out to get the most out of your equipment.

If you’re interested in seeing what I use, feel free to check out some of my recommendations. However, pick the equipment that meets your needs! Don’t just copy someone else, as their requirements are likely different than yours.

Learn about my Six post processing tips

Taking a great image with your camera is only half the battle. The other half comes in post processing it. See my Six Post Processing Tips page for some important tips.

What are you interested in?

To see more information about what types of stories I send, please see my web page devoted to my newsletter